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Expand your experience.
Our user-friendly interface allows you to keep track of everything you've seen and marvel at what others have spotted too. You can record and edit your sightings, scroll through a news feed of other's sightings and even see those sightings in a map view. Filtering the sightings by park, time and species means that you can easily find what you looking for. You can also share your wildlife encounters outside of our platform on social media networks with the click of a button.


You won't miss a thing.
If you are someone who suffers from a serious case of 'FOMO' or 'fear of missing out' then this feature was designed for you. Our in-app notifications allow you to keep updated on the amazing sightings going on around you. And the best news is that you can customise your notifications based on location and species, so you are only notified of the sightings you are most interested in.

Offline Maps

Keeping you on track.
Our app uses the latest in vector map technology which means no more worrying about huge data roaming costs or poor network coverage. The map files are tiny to download and graphics and text are smooth and sharp. And because the map files are stored on your phone you have access to them at all times, irrespective of your cell phone coverage.


Your easy access directory.
Tracking the Wild covers all of South Africa's national parks, most major provincial parks and even some private reserves. Each park page hosts a variety of information such as contact details, accommodation and a park map. Each park also has a species guide which is limited to those species that only occur in that park, making it much easier to identify your sightings. This is the only app where you can get all this information in one place.


Find what you're looking for.
Whilst professional safari guides know exactly where to take their guests for the best sightings, self-drive guests that are unfamiliar with a park can end up driving around aimlessly. Our hotspot feature works offline and is designed to assist self-drive guests in finding the wildlife they are looking for. It is displayed on a heat map of historical sightings data that is colour coded according to the frequency of sightings. The brighter the colour the hotter the spot!

Individual animals

Keep up with conservation.
Certain animals, such as leopard and wild dog, have unique markings which make it possible to identify each individual. Our Identikit tool enables researchers to create an online profile for individuals they've identified. Our users can then use this Identikit to 'tag' the individual animals they've seen. User sightings of 'tagged' individual animals are displayed on the individual animal's profile in a timeline format, turning an ordinary sighting into an information rich experience. By using this tool, researchers can gather valuable data by crowd sourcing it from everyday nature lovers like you and I.